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Pretty good.

The good points,

I'm liking the bass i'm hearing :) I like what you've done with the melody, in a whole the mix is pretty well done.

Although, I did find the intro rather cheesy and the alarm sound ruined the song for me.

Good job regardless! :)

Grimmace666 responds:

lol...thx for the review...i think the sirens wouldve been better if i had done my origional sirens...i need to change it sometime soon...but ohwell...im prolly not gonna change anything anyways...ive already re remixed this song twice...so its kinda been overdone and overdone...but thank you for this kind review ^^


Epic intro, it kinda loses the feel about 0:30 with the air instrument. Seriously change that sound and I'd have downloaded. nice job none the less. :)


T-Free responds:

Hehe yeah, I'll replace that with a better one, thank you!^^


That song was THAT good I just downloaded it 1,600,000 times.

Good job =]

I like this

Your intro is pretty good, infact I like it. But I feel after 1:30ish it gets pretty boring. Theres no real climax, you have build ups but nothing really catches my attention.
My advice to you would simply be spend more time on your songs.
5 hours... is just nothing, most good FL artists spend way over 5 hours on their songs learn how to master better, better sound choice.. heck even if you just added a "soundgoodizer" on the master channel and turned it up full would make this sound better.

ganon95 responds:

typically it takes me about 1 hour per minute for each song, of course this isn't always the case.

most good FL artists do spend more then 5 hours but it doesn't really matter to me how long i spend on it, im just expressing myself through the music

Yet again

Another Midi.
People are seriously failing to see that you are using midi's with advanced sounds.
You CAN'T call this a remix because all you've done is downloaded a midi from whatever site and loaded it into your FL studio. Changed some sounds AND YOU'RE GOOD TO GO! I'll admit I have used Midi's before but this is fucking insane.
90% of your songs from my point of view are STOLEN not remixed.
I hope in future you stop summiting this crap. Fair enough if you made it. But I simply refuse to give you a constructive response if you don't have the decency to upload your own original stuff.

ganon95 responds:

your actually wrong, this isn't a midi. this was one of my earlier songs, i didn't even know how to use a midi when i made this.

and how can you say i haven't uploaded original content when i have plenty of original stuff. 17 songs of mine are original. in fact right now one of my original's is #9 on the all time top scoring atm


What is it with you other reviewers?
This is CLEARLY a midi with advanced sounds.

ganon95 responds:

yes this is a mdi. one of my least fav songs now that i think about it


You really like that sound "Countdown 2" don't you? that's about 4-5 songs ive heard it in now.
Although, I did like this one. I smell another a midi.

ganon95 responds:

yes i really like countdown 2.

no this is not a midi. i watched a youtube video on how the notes are placed. 90% of this song is original tho. tell me where you hear the bassline, lead, and the other lead instraments in the original, you don't because i made that myself. the only thing that i didn't make are the notes from the original.


Steven-Polley, HAS to be right.
ive listened to afew of your songs now. they are all SUPER midi like.
To me, you've taken the midi and removed afew notes at the slower piano part..
your sound choice.. is.. well.. horrid.
Presets are SHIT. You use the SAME sounds in all your songs.
This was just horrid im sorry.
I honestly don't understand why people like this so much, or infact any of your songs.
you've made so much yet im 99% sure most of it is Midi with afew changes.

ganon95 responds:

the only time i use a midi is if i can't find the notes to play it on piano, i usually search on youtube to find someone playing it on piano then copy down the notes. which can't be done with every song. yes this one is a midi. i changed some of the notes up and added a little bit myself

i agree presets suck, i do tend to use the same instraments in a good portion of my songs (not all of them tho)

people like it because it sounds decently well made. though im not sure why you think this song is popular it doesn't really have very much views or a high socre.


Midi's are your friend.

ganon95 responds:

yes they are, do you have any idea how long this song would take without a midi?


The review below makes me sigh.

Nice song.

Randomizor responds:

Haha, thanks.

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